Nashville Transportation

Nashville TransportationNashville, Tennessee offers a variety of transportation needs for its guests and residents alike. Whether a guests comes to the city for business or pleasure, Nashville provides the transportation resources to make their travel a seamless, enjoyable experience.

Guests who arrive at the Nashville International Airport near the major interstate experience the wonderful enhancements occurring to refine the service it offers with refurbished terminals and parking and security facilities. None of these improvements have impeded the outstanding service provided.

Tourists, locals and business guests travel to downtown Nashville from the airport with the affordable mass bus service. This resource is energy efficient, conscious of the environment and saves the passenger money on transportation costs.

Though there currently is not Amtrak train service to the Music City, Greyhound bus lines do offer daily service from a variety of routes.

Public Transportation
Commuter traffic within the city is handled by the Music City Star. The metro service is rail-lite featuring six total stops. The system is free and convenient for getting around Nashville to the Gulch, Schermerhorn Symphony Center and the Bicentennial Mall. The system adopts green initiatives with a clean diesel hybrid engine. Transfers are available to public bus routes to reach final destinations.

Automobile Travel
The city is quite easy to navigate by car. The streets follow an easy simple grid placing it as one of the most popular ways for getting around the Music City. There are a bevy of convenient parking options for drivers. In addition, car-sharing services like WeCar have gained in popularity providing easy rental with locations throughout the downtown area.

Like most major city, taxis are available for transport to and from the airport and downtown Nashville. Taxi service for transport within downtown and throughout the city is available but not readily like in other metropolises like New York.

Nashville is also a wonderful city to experience on foot. Guests and locals are able to move at their own pace absorbing the sites, sounds and smells of a wonderful city. This form of transport is ideal for physical fitness, developing a community and cutting down on carbon emissions.

The Music City offers new and exciting ways for guests and locals alike to navigate this charming locale. Whether a guest comes for business or pleasure with or without their family, the city offers the efficient options and resources to move around this special place. Nashville ensures that its visitors and residents have the best quality tools to enjoy and continue to make this city a thriving destination.