New Orleans Attractions

New Orleans AttractionsVisiting New Orleans promises to be a fun filled and interesting visit. You'll find many great things to do there that will make your visit most memorable and adventurous. You may choose to spend most of your visit in the French Quarters where most of the action is to create a wonderful event for yourself.

In the French Quarters, you'll find that you can take a carriage ride through the streets with some of the most hospitable carriage tour guides. They'll fill you with all that you need on the rich history of New Orleans. You'll enjoy hearing about the legends as well as the facts. You'll learn why many of the older 2 story buildings have ornamental iron on the poles holding up the 2nd floor balconies and so much more.

If you love the casino's you'll find plenty of casino action where you can enjoy playing the best slot games as well as your favorite video poker. You can enjoy a wonderful meal at one of the many restaurants located inside the casino.

Perhaps a river boat cruise with dinner is your idea of a great time; you can cruise down the mighty Mississippi River while you enjoy a Creole dinner. You'll get the same feel as those that used the steam boats as transportation in the years gone by.

Spend some time shopping at all of the great shops and stores. You'll even find that there is a mall right there on the river that offers some of the best outlet stores and gift shops. You'll be able to find all of the Louisiana souvenirs that you choose to take back home with you.

Visit St. Theresa's Cathedral which you are sure to be in awe of. This old Catholic Church is stunning and worth the tour. From floor to ceiling, this church is nothing but beautiful. You may get luck and catch a wedding there while your visiting the French Quarters which is so awesome as the bride and groom include everyone in the French Quarters in their celebration.

If you love the eerie things that life has to offer, take a tour of the cemetery where you'll be scared out of your shoes. You might also choose to take a Vampire tour to make your trip the adrenaline rush that you hunger for.

New Orleans is going to provide you with so many wonderful and exciting things to make your trip so much more than you expected.