New Orleans Transportation

New Orleans TransportationCar
Unlike most cities in America, driving is not the best way to get around the city of New Orleans. This is one of the oldest towns in the country, and its roads were laid out well before the invention of the car. This means that there are many winding roads that make it difficult to navigate for visitors. There is also an abundance of one-way streets that give visitors lots of headaches. Parking is also difficult to come by in the tourist areas, making it necessary for people who rent cars during their visits to pay for expensive parking garages.

Many of the tourist spots in town are within easy walking distance of each other. Tourists who spend most of their time in the French Quarter may find that they can get around just fine with their own two feet. The weather can be quite muggy during the summer, so walkers should be sure to carry water to keep themselves hydrated.

There are many bicycle rental shops available in the French Quarter for visitors who want to get around by pedal power. The town is great to experience from the seat of a bicycle, but be sure to lock up bicycles very securely when they are not in use. New Orleans is known for its petty crime, so don’t leave bicycles unlocked even if they are just unattended for a few moments.

This is the most iconic form of transportation in New Orleans. It is also an extremely practical way for tourists to get around. The streetcars run between all the famous tourist stops, so visitors will find it a fun and useful way of getting to where they need to go.

For those who need to get outside of the more touristy areas, they can always rely on the bus service run by the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority. These buses will be slow and often take a roundabout way to get where they are going, but they do cover the entire city. Be sure to ask for a transfer immediately upon boarding to avoid having to pay extra for it.

Cabs are plentiful in most of the tourist areas of the city anytime of the day or night. Be careful to make sure the driver is using the meter to avoid having an argument about the fare at the end of the journey. There are many unlicensed cabs that will try to pick up passengers. Avoid these as they have been known to try to scam unsuspecting tourists.