New York Attractions

New York AttractionsThere are not many places in the world that are better to visit than New York. You will be able to find something fun and exciting to do no matter where you are at in the city. While New York is filled with countless attractions, these are the four attractions that everyone must see while visiting the city.

Statue of Liberty
You can not go to New York and not see the most iconic landmark in the world. There are several ferries that take visitors to the island holding the Statue of Liberty. Going to the top of the Statue of Liberty gives you an amazing view of New York City that you are not able to get anywhere else.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art was established in 1870, and it currently receives over 5 million visitors each year. There are over 2 millions pieces of art on display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which makes it the largest museum in the United States. There is no better place in the country to see amazing works of art from some of the most famous artists of all-time. Some of the popular artists with works on display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art include Rembrandt, Vincent Van Gogh, Cluade Monet, Pablo Picasso and El Greco.

Central Park
If you are looking to see one of the most beautiful spots in New York, then you must go visit Central Park. Central Park was created in 1857, and it currently receives more than 37 million visitors each year. Central Park is such an iconic park of New York that it was named a U.S National Historic Landmark in 1963. The entire park is filled with amazing plant and animal life. The ice skating rink, playgrounds and zoo located in the park are perfect places to take children. There is just something very tranquil about being in a beautiful park in the middle of the city.

If you love watching plays and musicals, then you have to go to Broadway while visiting New York. There are currently 40 different theaters on Broadway that have shows playing throughout the year. This makes Broadway one of the largest theater districts in the world. Several of the biggest movie stars perform on Broadway when they are not shooting a movie. Broadway performances attract more than 12 million audience members each year, which accounts for over $1 billion in ticket sales. You will not find better theater performances anywhere else in the world.