New York Weather

New York WeatherPeople who live in New York often have a love-hate relationship with the weather. Wherever you are in the state, you'll experience the change of seasons, which is wonderful. However, the summers can be extraordinarily hot while the winters can be freezing and rife with snowfall. For the most part, though, New York residents absolutely love the change of seasons. There aren't too many other places in the country that offer summers that truly feel like summer and winters that come with all the real makings of winter. The best part about the change of seasons in New York is when the leaves on the trees change.

The best months to visit New York are the ones that are most mild. March through May and September through October have moderate weather without any severe inclines or declines in temperature. These are also the months that see a high amount of tourism, because tourists want to visit New York when the weather's the nicest, not when it's hot and humid or freezing cold. There's also a spike in tourism during the wintertime in New York City when tourists flock to Manhattan to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center and head to Times Square for New Year's Eve.

The Hudson Valley and New York City
From the Hudson Valley down to New York City, weather and the change of seasons are basically the same. The springtime is short but sweet, with super low humidity, mild temperatures and blooming flowers. Summertime temperatures range from the 70s up to the 90s and the humidity can be very high. The Autumn is absolutely gorgeous, especially in the Hudson Valley, with people coming from all over to view the amazing foliage. Weather is crisp but not too cold yet, with some days still feeling spring-like. The wintertime is especially cold during January and snowfall occurs, although how much varies. Some winters have be exceptionally difficult while others are very mild.

Upstate New York
Upstate New York has similar weather to the Hudson Valley and New York City, but conditions are slightly more severe during the colder months. The Autumn is chillier than the southern part of the state, but the views and foliage is even more beautiful. Upstate New York is well know for its treacherous winters. Buffalo, NY, which is in one of New York's most northern points, can get extreme winter weather, with tons of snowfall and freezing temperatures.