NYC Weather

NYC WeatherYou can experience everything in New York City, including four full-blown seasons. Fortunately, there’s really no bad time to visit The City That Never Sleeps—it’s a fabulous destination, rain, snow, sweltering heat or shine.

Winter can be frigid in New York, not to mention wet and slippery. A record low of -15°F was set in 1934, and the temperature regularly dips below freezing, with winter highs averaging in the forties. Precipitation ranges from cold rain to sleet to snow. Snow removal is an issue in the city; slush builds up near curbs and crosswalks. Pack a pair of boots to spare your shoes from dingy city slop, and bundle up with coats, scarves, hats and gloves. Fortunately, there’s plenty to do indoors in the city, and Central Park is absolutely gorgeous after a snowfall.

Spring is lovely in New York City, especially May, whose average low is a pleasant 54°F and average high is 71°F. Spring showers are common; precipitation totals average more than four inches, about the same as most other months. Dress in lightweight long pants and long-sleeved shirts with a few t-shirts mixed in, and pack a jacket for chilly evenings spent sightseeing or dining al fresco.

Euphemisms like “sultry” don’t do summer in the city justice. It’s just plain hot. Stifling heat and humidity have many New Yorkers fleeing the concrete jungle this time of year, but don’t let that stop you from visiting. The city’s restaurants, shops, museums and theaters are air conditioned, even if its subway stations aren’t. When it comes to high temperatures, the nineties and even triple-digit temperatures aren’t unheard of, with average summer highs in the eighties. Wear lightweight shorts, skirts and tops, and breathable shoes. Escape the city’s heat trap by relaxing on the waterfront or people-watching in Central Park.

Fall is gorgeous in New York City, especially October, whose average high is 64°F and average low is 50°F. The air is cool and crisp, and Central Park’s fall foliage is breathtaking. Pack jeans, pants and long-sleeved tops, and bring a coat for early mornings and evenings. This is a great time of year for a walking tour or outdoor activities like biking or jogging.

If you plan ahead and pack carefully, you’ll be ready to take a bite out of The Big Apple no matter what the weather.