Oklahoma City Weather

Oklahoma City WeatherOklahoma City is in an area that can see weather shifts on a daily basis. The seasons in the city are well-defined. The summers tend to be hot with large amounts of sunlight and moderate humidity. The winters are mild in comparison to some other areas. Winds from the south often blow constantly through the city. These winds can become cold in the winter when the direction changes. Extreme weather does occur although the most damaging events are rare despite recent storm and tornado clusters. The city has clear skies nearly 70 percent of the year. The average annual temperature for the city is 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The hot weather in Oklahoma City lasts from June to September although the months immediately before and after this period can be very warm as well. The summers provide a consistent level of heat that averages above 90 degrees for two or more months every year. The usually sunny skies increase the heat in the city. The weather shifts frequently. Rain could start and end within an hour or two and is not normally a problem. Nighttime temperatures are comfortable and average around 65 to 70 degrees. The frequent strong winds in the city often cool down residents negating some of the heat during the summer.

The winters in Oklahoma City are mild to cold depending on natural fluctuations. The temperatures hover around the 50-degree mark during the daytime and fall to the 40s or just around freezing at night. Several inches of snow fall every year although the bright sun and warm daytime temperatures melt it away quickly. One exception to the normally mild winter weather occurs when strong northern winds blow into the city. This can lower temperatures quickly to uncomfortable levels for one or more days. The city has had cold spikes that have driven temperatures as low as 17 degrees below zero. These anomalies are rare.

The spring in Oklahoma City is generally accompanied by wet weather and frequent rain. The fall is normally cool, comfortable and dry. The months of May and June are very volatile. These months are when severe weather is most likely to occur including strong thunderstorms and torrential downpours. Oklahoma City has been hit by several tornadoes. The region is more likely to see a tornado that most other cities in the country. Visitors to the city should be aware that the actual chance of experiencing a tornado during any given week is incredibly small. Anyone coming to Oklahoma City should dress for mild weather in the winter and hot temperatures in the summer.