Oklahoma City Transportation

Oklahoma City TransportationDuring a visit to Oklahoma City, you may be in need of transportation services to get you from place to place. Get to and from your desired destinations with ease through bus transportation, trolleys and taxi cabs. Free fares and low fees are available for select services, allowing visitors and residents alike to make the most out of their time in Oklahoma City.

Downtown Oklahoma City Trolley
The Oklahoma Spirit Trolley operates throughout all of downtown Oklahoma City. This American Heritage-inspired Streetcar offers free fairs for all riders and is the ideal way to get around the city in style. Passengers of all ages are welcome aboard the Oklahoma Spirit Trolley, taking you to many well-known attractions and top destinations so that you do not miss any of the sights or sounds of the city. Some major stops available from the trolley include Bricktown, Hotel Corner, Oklahoma River Cruises and the Downtown Transit Center.

Ferry Boat Transit
Oklahoma River Cruises give visitors the chance to discover some of the city's hidden treasures by sea. Make your way to a variety of different landing spots such as Regatta Park and the Historic Stockyards City. River Ferry Transit transportation services operate on a regularly schedules basis each day. Additional public transportation services can also be reached from the ferry boat.

Bus Services
The bus transit system is available to take you to destinations all over Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. With over 40 different bus routes, head from Garden Day all the way to South Oklahoma and the downtown district. Bus transit systems may be closed on select holidays such as New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Taxi Cabs
Many taxi cab companies are available throughout Oklahoma City to take you to your desired destinations. Rather than relying on bus transportation, ferry boats or trolleys that could be running late, taxi cabs will work around your schedule and take you immediately to your destination without making additional stops along the way. Taxis can be found at stations around the city or by simply calling for a pick-up.

The METRO Link system provides transportation in a select section of Oklahoma City. Hop on and off at any stop with services available to all visitors and residents currently in the city. Curb to curb service is available by reservation with only limited availability. Reservations may be made 14 days in advance to secure your transportation method about METRO Link. Subscription trips are also available for purchase.