Ottawa Transportation

Ottawa TransportationBus
OC Transpo runs all of the public transit options in Ottawa. The bus service run by OC Transpo is very good. Passengers can ask for a transfer upon boarding, and this transfer will allow them to use any other component of the OC Transpo system for 90 minutes. Passengers should ask for the transfer even if they don’t need it. Sometimes fare inspectors go around to catch fare jumpers, and the transfer ticket is a proof of purchase. The buses in Ottawa will get passengers anywhere in the city they need to go, but they will most likely have to make a transfer at some point if they are traveling very far.

Light Rail
The light rail system in Ottawa is known as the O-Train. It runs only in downtown, but it is a very speedy method to get anywhere travelers need to go downtown. Children under the age of 11 can ride the O-Train for free.

Taxis are fairly expensive in Ottawa. They are very expensive for trips outside of downtown. They can usually be avoided with the efficiency of the Ottawa public transit system. Cabs can be found easily downtown, but passengers will need to call for a cab if they need one in the suburbs, Also, many cab drivers do not know the areas outside downtown Ottawa very well, so passengers should be ready to supply directions for taxi rides out into the suburbs.

Car Rental
This is a good option for visitors to Ottawa. There are car rental offices handy both at the airport and in downtown. There are both national and local car rental companies to choose from. The parking in the city is satisfactory, though drivers will have to pay for parking in most areas downtown. Be patient when driving downtown as most of the streets are one-way.

Ottawa is a great city for visitors who like to walk. Most of its attractions are located near one another in the downtown area, which makes it easy to take a stroll to see many attractions on one trip. The sidewalks are large and all the intersections are very pedestrian-friendly. When walking in Ottawa during the winter, be sure to bundle up warmly. The temperatures can drop well below freezing, damaging skin in a matter of minutes.

Bicyclists will enjoy Ottawa, There are nearly 200 kilometers of bike paths in the city. Many of the roads have bike lanes as well. There are a few bike rental shops downtown. During the summer, the city closes off many roads on Sundays to auto traffic. This makes Sunday a great day to explore the city for bike riders.