Shopping near Downtown Ottawa

Ottawa ShoppingDowntown Shopping
When you are visiting Ottawa, you will find a wide range of shopping alternatives. Whether you are looking to find clothing, something for your home or entertainment choices, you are certain to find what you are looking for downtown. Make sure you check out the Rideau Centre, which holds around 180 stores that you can visit. You'll have choices that range from boutiques to craft shops. Rest assured that all of these stores have great, quality designs along with low prices.

Rideau Centre
Let's go over some of the stores that you can find at the Rideau Centre. One of the first stores that you can shop at is the Fossil store where you can purchase any of your favorite Fossil brand products, such as watches. The Rideau Centre is also home to the Coach and Forever 21 stores. These stores are excellent choices for those who are looking for elegant, trendy merchandise.

The Bayshore Shopping Centre
You can also shop at the Bayshore Shopping Centre, which offers a wide variety of options when it comes to shopping. This shopping mall carries a little something for everyone. The Bell store is a great example of amazing designs on all of its choices in electronics. You are able to look for your new TV, mobile phone or other essential technology. If you are interested in the health industry, you will be glad to know that there is a GNC store at the Bayshore Shopping Centre as well.

Other Stores at the Bayshore Shopping Centre
Anyone who likes the outdoors can find the Sports Experts store interesting. It extends to every one of its customers a wide selection in sports gear. Customers can find athletic apparel, snowboarding equipment, swimwear and many more choices in sports and outdoors merchandise. However, if you are shopping for something a little more casual, you may find the GAP store more to your liking.

St. Laurent Centre
The St. Laurent Centre is a shopping mall that offers great selections in stores. The first store that you can visit is Aldo. It carries great styles when it comes to footwear. Ben Moss Jewelers is another store that is in the St. Laurent Centre. This store is perfect for anyone looking to invest in luxurious jewelry at great prices. You can also shop at Warren's store for all of your family apparel. The store's prices are budget friendly along with high-quality designs on all of its choices in clothing collections.