About Philadelphia

About PhiladelphiaDiverse and historical, Philadelphia provides a wonderful place to visit or live. Home to some five million residents, Philadelphia is a thriving and bustling metropolis that includes many diverse restaurants, shopping experiences, cultural history, exciting entertainment, a thriving tourist industry, and lots of family fun. Billions of dollars have been spent to update and renovate the city’s Main Street districts, parks, buildings, and museums. Philadelphia also boasts a high-quality transportation system, state-of-the-art schools, and a modern healthcare system. This "City of Brotherly Love" is one of the most ethnically diverse cities within the United States, with communities of Italians, Asians, Irish, African-Americans, and Eastern Europeans, among other ethnicities.

Quality transportation abounds in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia International Airport is one of the top 20 airports in the United States with hundreds of flights getting people into and out of the city efficiently. Center City, at the heart of Philadelphia, is at the center of AMTRAK’s Northeast Corridor, where visitors can catch a quick train to New York or Washington DC. Center City is also home to 62 trolley, bus, and high-speed rail lines that transport people quickly and efficiently, reducing their time in traffic

Events and entertainment in Philadelphia provide for great fun throughout the year. Fireworks shows, outdoor concerts, art and music festivals, craft beer festivals, and exciting parades abound around the city. Philadelphia also hosts many historical museum exhibits, art shows, ballets, symphonic performances, and numerous other entertainment and cultural opportunities throughout the year. The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Independence National Historical Park, the Liberty Bell, Independence Visitor Center, and National Constitution Center all reside in Philadelphia.

Many highly recognized institutions of higher education are located in the city of Philadelphia. Among them includes the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel, Temple, and La Salle. The universities and colleges in the area provide quality educational opportunities, reasonable tuition rates, and numerous opportunities for scholarships in sports, academics, and the arts. The city’s elementary schools, junior highs, and high schools provide unparalleled academic excellence and even provide their students with their own laptop on which to complete their schoolwork.

Philadelphia has countless places in which to stay during a visit to the city and also has many housing choices for its residents. Historic townhouses, converted lofts, spacious houses, and modern apartments are plentiful in the city and are all very close to scenic parks and historic museums.