Phoenix Weather

Phoenix WeatherPlanning a trip to Phoenix, Arizona can be an exciting adventure. There are many things to do and see within the city limits. There are also many exciting places to see and things to do within a short drive of the Phoenix Valley area. However, a very important factor to consider when planning outings, and packing, is the weather in Phoenix

Most people do not choose to travel to Phoenix during the summer months. The summer is extremely hot and dry in the Sonoran Desert that Phoenix calls home. Temperatures often exceed 110 degrees in the middle of summer in the desert. However, visitors can still enjoy a variety of activities including floating the Salt River or spending a day at one of the waterparks located throughout the city. Several lakes also offer various water activities to enjoy in the hot summer sun.

Summer visitors, however, should also be aware that the monsoon season usually arrives in the latter half of July. These storms can produce torrential rains, massive dust storms, and cause usually empty waterways to become dangerous flash floods in a matter of seconds. It is very important to pay attention to the sky, and your surroundings, when visiting Phoenix during the monsoon season.

The temperatures begin to fall in September and October. During these months temperatures can range up in the nineties and hundreds, or can fall to the fifties and sixties These months, along with March and April are among the most popular times to visit Phoenix. Visitors can enjoy various outdoor activities without being too hot or too cold on most days. Night temperatures, however, can begin to drop drastically so it is important to dress appropriately.

November thru February are extremely popular months with the older generation of travelers. Many visitors during the winter months stay for the entire winter. Temperatures tend to very the greatest during these months. Some days can be as high as the seventies and eighties. Other days the temperatures can be closer to freezing. Nights are often extremely cold in the desert. The valley often gets some rain during these months. However, these storms are not typically as sudden or harsh as the monsoon storms in the summer time.

The most important thing to remember when traveling to Phoenix is to pack a variety of clothing. Many days that are warm can turn into frigid nights. Also remember to pay attention to the current weather conditions when packing. This will help you better prepare to enjoy the variety of temperatures and weather conditions that may arise during your stay in Phoenix, Arizona.