Phoenix Transportation

Phoenix TransportationA visit to Phoenix, Arizona, can be a wonderful trip full of fun, culture, and activity. It helps that Phoenix is by far one of the most easily navigable cities in the country, thanks to its Metro Light Rail, car rentals and carpools, shuttles, public bus routes and other modes of transportation.

Entering Phoenix by air puts you into prime position to take advantage of airport transportation services. The three airports operated in Phoenix each offer shuttle service to and from hotels and other destinations throughout the city. There are also a number of privately operated shuttle services which will pick up passengers from their homes or hotels and deliver them to their chosen airport destinations.

There are a number of public bus routes in Phoenix that are utilized frequently by both residents and visitors wishing to see the city's many interesting sights. There are currently dozens of local bus routes that feature stops every quarter mile. The routes cover a majority of the city, with major avenues covered by the Metro Valley LINK bus service. Smaller, shuttle-type vehicles, called "neighborhood circulators," exist to transport people shorter distances, such as from a hotel or home to the store or another nearby area. This free service is available in select communities located within Phoenix.

If freeway travel is necessary, you will likely need to board the RAPID service. This transportation service ferries riders to and from the downtown Phoenix area on weekdays. Different routes originating from and ending at various downtown locations are available, with information on routes available online and by contacting the city of Phoenix.

One of the newest ways to get around Phoenix is by the fairly new Valley Metro Light Rail system. The light rail system operates daily, with strategically placed stops located at various points along the 57-mile long track. The service is open 365 days a year, including most major holidays using an abbreviated schedule. Service starts at 4:40 a.m. and continues through 2 a.m. on weekdays and 3 a.m. on weekends. Rail passengers can travel around Phoenix, as well as to the nearby communities of Tempe and Mesa.

For all public transportation options in Phoenix, passengers may purchase tickets to ride at central stop areas or online. Daily and monthly passes are also available. In addition to public transportation, vehicles may be rented at one of the three Phoenix airports, and the city features ample parking throughout its busier areas.