Pittsburgh Dining

Pittsburgh DiningDor-Stop Restaurant
When you eat at this corner café, you will not leave hungry. It is open for breakfast, and you are served large portions of food. The wait time to be seated is not long, and you have an amazing view of the city streets while you eat. The stuffed French toast is decadent, and it is sprinkled with powdered sugar. The bacon is crisp, and the hash browns are cooked to perfection. If you visit in the fall, try the pumpkin pancakes with maple syrup.

This is a restaurant that serves fresh food such as salads and beans. The lamb with lentils is a great option if you are trying to eat something with fewer calories. The hamburgers are large and served with lettuce, tomato, and almost anything else that you can imagine on a burger. For dessert, you should try the gingerbread with whipped cream. It has just the right amount of spices that fit well with the cream.

Be prepared to wait in line, but the food is well worth it. The onion rings at this local burger establishment are huge, and the outer covering is crunchy. The milkshakes are made with fresh milk and topped with a huge scoop of whipped cream that is sprinkled with cocoa powder. A bar is located at the back of the restaurant. The Crab Shack is a unique sandwich that has tons of crab meat on it, and there are hamburgers that might be a little bit too big to swallow.

Robert Wholey’s
Any time you visit the north east, you should try seafood. This restaurant has fresh seafood that is cooked to perfection. It is not oily or too hard like some other seafood that you might find. There are live fish swimming in tanks all around the building, and there are trains that run on tracks near the ceiling. The fish sandwich has at least three large pieces of fish on a warm bun with a side of tartar sauce.

Union Pig and Chicken
If you like BBQ, then you are sure to like the food here. It is located on the corner of one of the busiest streets in the city, and you can get a meal that is prepared quickly. The ribs fall off the bone, and there is a wide variety of side dishes including corn, mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese.