Pittsburgh Events

Pittsburgh EventsPittsburgh is a vibrant city, alive with events to engage visitors at any time throughout the year. Whether you are trying to plan your complete itinerary or supplement plans you have already made for your visit to the "City of Bridges," you will find plenty of memorable events to keep you entertained and satisfied.

For gourmands visiting Pittsburgh, you will find different food-oriented events spread throughout the year. Enjoy the joy of learning more about Italian homemade pasta and cooking your own sauces at "Bella Cucina" where this cooking event will be as much a tour of Italy through mouth-watering pastas, sauces and wines.

Athletes may enjoy a springtime visit to take in the ambiance or even to run the Pittsburgh Marathon or Half Marathon. Discover the city on foot with this annual celebration of health, fitness and endurance with other athletes from around the country and the world. This weekend-long festival has the entire city alive and brimming with fun for the whole family.

Take in the exciting spectacle of the Laser Shows where each show is unique and new to the audience. This choreographed light show at the Buhl Digital Dome is a flurry a dazzling lights and pulsating music.

Visit the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra for a performance or two to experience a beautiful part of the city's arts and culture that runs throughout the year.

Penguin lovers will enjoy a visit to the National Aviary to see these fine tuxedo-adorned birds. This rare opportunity is a true event for the whole family since you can touch these African penguins and learn their history.

For those interested in camping and outdoor recreational pursuits may choose to visit the David L. Lawrence Convention Center for the Pittsburgh RV Show. With various vehicles and accessories on display, you can gather new ideas for your next road adventure.

The Carnegie Science Center features the Miniature Railroad & Village that is a family-friendly event. The realistic installation follows a train throughout an intricate and realistic replica of western Pennsylvania with landmarks along the way that include Falling Water, Leap-the-Dips and Forbes Field. This exhibit is as much a long-standing Pittsburgh tradition as it is an event.

Take advantage of the various types of public transportation such as the light rail, the many buses or taxi cabs in the city to get from one event to the next in case you did not drive into the city. Plot out your events so you catch a lift and arrive in time to enjoy every moment of your chosen events.