Family Fun near Downtown Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Family FunA trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a wonderful destination and perfect for the whole family. After all, it is a city full of child friendly activities. The list below outlines a few attractions that are worth experiencing in the Pittsburgh area:

Carnegie Museum of Natural History:
This Pittsburgh museum recently completed a huge expansion with the opening of Dinosaurs in Their Time. The exhibit is perhaps the most unusual dinosaur experience in America. In addition to this amazing exhibit, Carnegie Museum houses more than 20 galleries and contains around 21 millions objects and scientific specimens. This is a great activity for all, “Night at the Museum” fans as this truly is where history comes to life.

Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium:
Enjoy this 77-acre zoo and aquarium complete with learning opportunities that allow kids to touch and participate in the animal world. The zoo hosts programs for children as young as 2 making the zoo and aquarium a wonderful way to spend a day together as a family.

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh:
The museum’s theme, “Play With Real Stuff” says it all when it comes to what makes this museum a must-see attraction. The purpose of the museum is opening children’s minds to challenges they will face in the real world. These generated scenarios include how to build a boat and how to change a tire. In addition, fun exhibits such as play in the mud make it fun for all ages.

National Aviary:
A visit to this exceptional aviary is a treat for any bird-lover. Opportunities abound for hand-to-beak interaction. At certain times during the day, children can aid workers as they feed the birds. There are also several shows performed on a daily basis for those children who would rather observe the birds instead of interact with them.

Sandcastle Water Park:
A trip to Pittsburgh during the summer calls for a trip to the water park. The Sandcastle Water Parks boasts of 14 different water slides and the world’s biggest hot tub for those who prefer to remain sedentary. It even has a special area just for little children called Wet Willie’s Water Works. For older kids and teens, there is a pool only open to them. Available to all ages is the relaxing Lazy River. The Sandcastle Water Park is a summer paradise within Pittsburgh city limits.

Carnegie Science Center:
This is the perfect activity for those kids who want to know how things work. Created to make science accessible and fun, Carnegie Science Center is one of the best around. It even has an amazing submarine walk-through area that is sure to pique the interest of even the most disinterested kid.

The above list highlights some activities that are perfect for families to try when visiting Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.