Pittsburgh Transportation

Pittsburgh TransportationAs Pennsylvania's second largest city, Pittsburgh has a great transportation system for local residents and visitors from all over the United States and overseas. Interstate 76 links the Pittsburgh area with Akron, Ohio to the northwest and with Philadelphia to the east. Interstate 79 connects runs as far north as the city of Erie along Lake Erie and as far south as Charleston in West Virginia. Both of these major highways do not actully pass through the city boundaries of Pittsburgh. However, I-376 merges with I-76 and I-279 merges with I-79. Interstate 376 and Interstate 279 are much shorter highways that pass directly through the heart of Pennsylvania's second biggest city. Drivers navigating Pittsburgh should be prepared to cross some of the bridges over the Ohio River and Allegheny River.

The Port Authority of Allegheny County provides public transit services in Pittsburgh and the neighboring communities. PAT operates more than 100 total bus routes that offer convenient transfers in nearly all major areas of Pittsburgh and nearby suburbs. The Port Authority of Allegheny County also invites passengers to take advantage of the light rail system.

The Pittsburgh Light Rail, also known locally as The T, consists of two lines. The Red Line runs between Overlook Junction in Castle Shannon and Allegheny Station in the North Shore neighborhood of Pittsburgh. There is also a Red Line extension that runs down south to South Hills Village in Upper St. Clair. The Blue Line service also begins at the Allegheny Station but branches out into two extensions. One Blue Line extension runs to Library Station in South Park Township and another extension runs to South Hills Village. The T Red Line and Blue Line both stop at major stations within Downtown Pittsburgh such as North Side, Gateway Center, Wood Street, Steel Plaza, First Avenue and Station Square. Light Rail service within Downtown Pittsburgh is free to the public.

Union Station in Pittsburgh is served by two long distance Amtrak lines. The Capitol Limited service runs between Union Station in Washington D.C. and Union Station in Chicago. The Pennsylvanian trains operate between Pittsburgh and New York City and stop in Harrisburg and Philadelphia along the way. The Pittsburgh Union Station is conveniently located only several blocks north of the Steel Plaza light rail station in the Downtown district.

More than 8 million passengers each year pass through Pittsburgh International Airport. This airport accepts flights from more than a dozen major cities in the United States thanks to major American carriers such as Delta Air Lines and US Airways. The PAT Bus Route 28X (Airport Flyer) offers direct service to Pittsburgh International Airport.