Portland Attractions

Portland AttractionsOne of the most dazzling attractions in Portland is the Columbia River Gorge. Visitors are fascinated by the extremely fluid waterfalls there. The water cascades down the canyons at incredible speeds and creates mists and splashes at the bottom. Crowne Point offers unmatched scenery, and you get to see the entire gorge from atop Crowne Point. The trails along the gorge are ideal for hiking and a relaxing walk to ease your mind. You'll definitely want to bring a camera to take some pictures of what you see here.

The International Rose Test Garden is another place you must see while in Portland. They have almost every kind of rose you could possibly imagine and more. You'll think you're in a perfume store when you smell all the wonderful smells coming from the various roses. You get to take all of this in with fresh air and sunshine. There’s even a rose-themed gift shop nearby where you can buy stuff to help you remember your great experience at the garden. The wonderful smells alone may be enough to do that.

The Gerding Theater is the best place in Portland to catch a show. You could watch anything from Shakespeare plays to Sweeney Todd to live musical operas and much more. The theater is designed so that every seat in the house has a great view of the stage. The private, plush bathrooms are a huge plus that most people have never experienced at a theater. This is a truly modern theater experience that your entire family will love. You can never choose a bad time to go see a show at The Gerding Theater.

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is one of the better museums you could ever visit. There’s plenty of open space full of attractions and exhibits for people of all ages. The traffic flows well, so even larger crowds are easily accommodated. The planetarium there is one of the most visited and enjoyed attractions in the entire museum. People also seem to rave about the Titanic exhibit.

Forest Park delights people who love the woods. Set at the edge of Portland, the pathways lead you on winding walks through some truly beautiful countryside. You could spend as much time as you like exploring the vast reaches of the forest. You don’t want to get lost before you find your way out again. The trees provide a top cover from rain and sun so that you can enjoy the trails completely. Try Forest Park for an incredible adventure.