Portland Dining

Portland DiningPortland, Oregon is known for its beautiful natural scenery and lively culinary scene. Portland has a variety of ethnic cuisine to choose from, offering something appealing for everyone. As you read this article, you'll learn more about Portland restaurants and all they have to offer.

One of the best restaurants in Portland is The Woodsman Tavern. Here, you'll find an incredibly diverse menu with a plethora of wonderfully paired textures and bold flavors. The Woodsman Tavern has a traditional course serving style, with an extensive list for each course. Some unique, savory appetizers include: chicken wings with a sriracha glaze, deviled eggs and more. The first course selection is also quite appetizing and features items like: beef and beer stew, a cauliflower and barley salad with pomegranate and walnuts, a seafood plate with clams and octopus and more. Second course options include: trout topped with sundried tomatoes, lamb paired with turnips, shrimp and grits, pork chops with potatoes and cabbage and more. There are many side options available such as: potatoes with sriracha mayonnaise, grilled veggies and more. This restaurant is also known for its country ham selection that showcases various hams from all over the country. Before you think the Woodsman Tavern simply can't get any better, skimming over the brunch menu is a must. There is a wide array of sweet breakfast goodies to choose from including: honey vanilla brioche, french toast with vanilla marscarpone, pancakes with maple syrup coated apples and bacon and more. Protein-packed, savory breakfast items include: fried pork with poached eggs, trout with onions and potatoes, a griddle prepared burger with cheese curd and more. However, the icing on the cake is the early afternoon cocktail selection which includes: mimosas, sparkling wine with absinthe, buttered rum with cinnamon and coffee and more.

Ox is another one of Portland's best restaurants. It's evident from the food found on the menu that Ox has numerous ethnic influences from Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Spain and more. The menu features a wide selection of hearty appetizers including: bruschetta with avocado and crab, braised octopus and beef tripe with a mint aioli sauce, clam chowder and more. There are many healthy dinner items such as: Grass-fed ribeye, lamb shoulder, Argentinian asado with short ribs and chorizo, pork rillettes salad with apples and mushrooms, empanadas, shrimp ceviche, scallop salad and more.

Clearly, Portland has an immensely pleasing collection of fine dining establishments. With an undeniable blend of cultures and passion, the restaurants mentioned in this article certainly create culinary masterpieces that will satisfy any palate.