Portland Weather

Portland WeatherThose who have never been to Portland, Oregon, have visions of it being a city where gloom and rain rule and where the sun is seldom seen. This can certainly be the case during the winter months, so Portland isn't for those who suffer from the winter blues. Portland weather, however, is responsible for the abundance of thriving green plant life and beautiful floral displays that the city freely offers. Portland isn't referred to as "The City of Roses" for no reason.

Roses love rain as much as they need sun. Portland has the perfect combination to keep these beauties blooming for long periods of time. It is not at all unusual to see colorful rose blossoms through the month of December in Portland gardens. Summer brings the Rose Festival, when residents and visitors alike pay homage to the iconic flower that gives them there name. The Rose Festival is one of the most well-attended festivals in the United States and lasts for over two weeks during the latter part of May and the first weeks of June. Events include fireworks, musical performances, boat races, living history demonstrations, numerous appearances by the Clown Prince and a grand finale called the Grande Floral Parade. Portland weather is always unpredictable during this time of year, and although the parade has frequently taken place under misting or rainy skies, wet weather has never deterred celebrants from thoroughly enjoying the festivities.

When it snows in Portland, the entire city slows and even shuts down. Snow is rare in the Rose City. No one owns a snow shovel because the snow usually melts as quickly as it falls. Now and then, residents are treated to one or two inches of the white stuff before the rains reappear and wash it all away.

Much is made of Portland's rain, but it mists more than it rains. Heavy, rainstorm-like rains are rare in the Rose City, but it's not uncommon for the skies to exude soft showers of mist for weeks. Portland residents don't carry umbrellas as a rule because winds tend to snatch them up and carry them off. Tourists from other areas are frequently seen fighting with their umbrellas on Portland streets.

Then comes summer, and everything suddenly seems worth it. July in Portland is blue, green and gold, with residents and visitors flocking to the waterfront for music, festivals and fairs. Because Portland is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the world, furry friends are frolicking everywhere. Autumn brings chilly nights but mostly clear days well into October, and then the misty rains begin again.