Reno Attractions

Reno AttractionsAnimal Ark was founded in 1981 as a place for injured wild animals that could not be released back into their natural environment. Most of the animals here are from North America. However, there are some big cats here as well. One of the highlights at Animal Ark is the chance to see the regularly scheduled Cheetah Runs. Cheetahs run flat out as fast as they can chasing a mechanical lure. In addition to its rescue activities, Animal Ark also seeks to educate the public about the needs of wildlife. Animal Ark is open on a limited schedule in winter. They are open every day except Monday from March 30 through November 3.

Reno's National Automobile Museum is considered by many to be one of the finest auto museums in the United States. The museum is divided into four galleries that display cars from the 1890's to the modern period. In addition to the many cars on display, the museum has exhibits of car related art and artifacts. Some of the cars in the museum's collection include a Stutz Series B Bearcat, a 1958 Edsel Citation and a 1900 Packard B Runabout. The National Automobile Museum is open each day except Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The Nevada Art Museum was founded in 1931, and it is considered to be the premier art museum in the state of Nevada. Two of the museum's focus areas are contemporary art and the art of the western United States. The contemporary collection features work by Chris Drury and Dennis Oppenheim. The western art collection contains work by Minerva Pierce as well as Native American artists. The Nevada Art Museum is closed on Monday, Tuesday and national holidays.

Those interested in the history of the state of Nevada will learn a lot at the Nevada Historical Society Museum. The museum houses over 15,000 artifacts related to the state's history including Native American pottery. Other exhibits in the museum detail the importance of gambling in the state's history and the importance of the federal government to the state's economy. Several special exhibits are held throughout the year. The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday.

The Fleischmann Planetarium and Science Center is located at the University of Nevada-Reno. The planetarium shows movies about space, and other subjects, throughout the year in its domed theatre. There are exhibits at the planetarium about the Moon, various planets and meteors. There is also a display of astronomical art. This center is open every day of the week.