Shopping near Downtown Reno

Reno ShoppingThe first place to look for shopping in Reno is The Legends at Sparks Mania. You can find just about anything you would ever want to buy in this gigantic shopping supercenter. It's almost like its own little city within Reno. There are mechanical bulls, fountains, outdoor fireplaces, sculptures, and plenty more to see in addition to the incredible selections of smaller shops. You can definitely buy an entire new wardrobe of clothing comprised of clothing from several different shops all in one trip. This one is worth a look for sure.

The Summit is almost like an outdoor mall in Reno. It's a very unique place that you won't find anywhere else. There are more than 70 shops for you to browse whenever you want, as well as beauty salons, good dining, and specialty retailers. There is even fire pits located outside the shopping center for you to gather around with friends. There's always something interesting going on at The Summit. You'll have to stop by the next time you're in Reno to get a glimpse of this shopping paradise.

The Meadowood Mall is one of the most highly-respected shopping centers in Reno, and there are plenty of reasons for that. The place seems like it was designed to accommodate a wonderful afternoon of shopping for your whole family. The kids enjoy the sights and sounds as much as they do the play places and people in costumes. There's even a sports grill nearby once you've worked up an appetite from shopping. You'll find plenty of nice things to buy and look at when you come here.

Scheels Sporting Goods Store is heaven on earth for sports enthusiasts. They have everything from golf supplies to hunting accessories and everything in between those. If it has to do with sports, there's a good chance they have it for sale. They also have plenty of athletic and casual footwear for women and men. They even have some clothing that you might find at a department store. You don't want to miss out on Scheels Sporting Goods Store when you're in Reno. It is easily one of the largest stores of its type. If you have an athlete that you need to shop for, this is the place to go.

Clay Nichols is one final shopping destination that all Reno visitors should check out when they're in town. There are plenty of home decor items to browse when you want to kill some time. The beautiful art on display in the store is also for sale, and you can own unique pieces of art if you like. Rare jewelry is also available to purchase here. You could surprise someone back home with a nice watch or pair or earrings.