Family Fun near Downtown Sacramento

Sacramento Family FunSacramento is a great place for the family to enjoy some bonding time together. There are many activities in which are aimed for families and all different ages. Instead of each individual doing their own thing, why not encourage the family to have some fun together? Sacramento makes this possible with its many various family-friendly activities.

For families looking to mix fun with physical activity, BounceU is a great place to do so. This indoor bounce arena is filled with numerous rooms of fun things to do. Though it is mostly widely known for its inflatable bounce houses, BounceU also has arcade rooms, basketball courts, boxing arenas and a rock climbing wall. Since this is a climate controlled indoor location, regardless of what the weather is like outdoors, BounceU would be a perfect fit for the family.

Sacramento Community Center Theater
Instead of the same old movie theater shows that families go to, why not go to something more original? At the Sacramento Community Center Theater families are able to experience live productions right in front of their eyes. Many families take this type of theater for granted and do not realize the excitement that it can provide them with. Many of shows are interactive and can allow the family to enjoy them together. The Sacramento Community Center Theater houses many different productions, including The Sacramento Ballet, Opera, Philharmonic, Choral Society and Orchestra, and various Sacramento Community Concerts.

North Laguna Creek Park
For those beautiful days, why stay indoors? Families should be out exploring the beautiful weather and scenes that are located throughout Sacramento. The North Laguna Creek Park is a wonderful location to enjoy various outdoor activities. When at the North Laguna Creek Park families can create their own fun. Whether they choose to have a picnic, play with a Frisbee or put to use the park’s volleyball court, there will always be something entertaining for them to do. Going to a park with the family is a great alternative to sitting at home watching TV or playing on the computer. This will allow the family to bond and create memories while having an enjoyable time together.

Discovery Museum Science & Space Center
For a family activity that also stimulates the brain, the Discovery Museum Science & Space Center is a great place for the family to head to. This museum is filled with hundreds of different activities and displays. It also includes an outdoors trail that goes through over 14 acres of land. From insects to reptiles, the Discovery Museum Science & Space Center has it all!