Sacramento Transportation

Sacramento TransportationWalking
Many of the tourist attractions in Sacramento are within a comfortable walk from the most popular downtown hotels. This makes it a very good city for those who like to walk. The city also has wonderful weather for most of the year, which means that pedestrians can walk around the city without worrying much about getting too hot or too cold. Travelers will find that they will not want to walk to most destinations outside of downtown because the distances are too great.

This is perhaps the best method of transportation for visitors to Sacramento. The majority of the city is very flat, which keeps cyclists from having to exert themselves too much while getting around town. The beautiful weather is a cyclist’s dream as well. Also, most of the streets are tree-lined and have bicycle lanes. There are also many miles of bike paths for cyclists to use. Altogether, Sacramento is one of the best biking towns in the United States.

For those who need to get out to the suburbs while they are in town, it is preferable to have access to a car. The sprawling layout of Sacramento outside downtown basically demands that visitors have a car to get where they need to go. The parking for cars downtown is very limited, so be prepared to pay for parking when driving downtown. There are plenty of car rental agencies available both at the airport and throughout the city.

The traffic in Sacramento can be a bit of a nightmare, especially during rush hour. Try to avoid driving during rush hour if it is at all possible. If you have to get somewhere during rush hour, leave well ahead of time to make up for the good chance that you will be delayed by traffic.

Public Transportation
Regional Transport is the name of the public transit service in Sacramento. Like most public transposition options in the state of California, it is a bit of a nightmare. It takes forever for passengers to get where they need to go, often requiring them to make a couple of transfers to get to their destinations. The sprawling nature of Sacramento combined with its traffic make this bus system very slow.

Taxis in Sacramento are not very good. They are pretty expensive, and they are not very easy to find either. Even downtown, it can be a bit difficult to flag down a taxi. Visitors who are planning on using taxis during their visits should program a few cab companies’ numbers in their phones.