San Antonio Weather

San Antonio WeatherIf you like cold temperatures, then San Antonio is not the place for you. The summers in San Antonio reach blistering high temperatures almost every day. A typical day in July and August sees temperatures of around 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity seems to be worse in June than the other two summer months. The sticky air makes June feel like it's the hottest month of the year even though it is surpassed in high temperatures by the other two months. Summers are long, dry, and hot for anyone living in or near San Antonio. Sometimes, the only solution to cool down is to go for a swim in the coldest water you can find.

Winters are incredibly mild in San Antonio. In fact, it often happens that entire winters pass without any signs of freezing precipitation at all. There are some nights during the winter when temperatures go below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, although this only happens on a handful of nights each year. San Antonio receives measurable snowfall about once every four years. The largest snow total ever recorded was 16 inches in 1985. The most recent instance of snowfall saw about half an inch fall on the city in February of 2011. Some residents of northern states come to San Antonio to escape the cold in the winter. They know that they won't be seeing many flakes flying down there.

Precipitation in San Antonio follows odd patterns. In general, the city does not receive very much rain at all. The wettest month is usually either June or October. Tropical systems come in from the Gulf of Mexico and cause heavy amounts of rain in the city. San Antonio is one of the most dangerous cities for flooding. Due to heavy rains and high rivers, the city can flood easily and quickly. Tornadoes are rare, though. People always think of Texas when they picture tornadoes, but they happen mainly to the north of San Antonio.

San Antonio's weather makes it an interesting place to visit as well as study. The hot, dry summers keep residents scampering for air conditioning when they get a chance. Heavy rains can cause flooding, but they don't occur very often. This is good news for people who live in and visit San Antonio. Severe weather is also not as common as people would initially believe. The biggest thing to remember about San Antonio's weather is that it is very predictable. They don't often get surprises out of nowhere with their weather forecasts. This can be good if you like to know what you'll get, but uninteresting if you like to be surprised.