San Antonio Transportation

San Antonio TransportationBus
The name of the public transit service in San Antonio is VIA Metropolitan Transit. The bus service in San Antonio is very good. The buses run on time, and most tourists will find they can easily get to where they need to go with the buses. There are both express lines and buses that make frequent stops. The best bus line for tourists is the #7 SIGHTSEER SPECIAL. This line travels around San Antonio to all of the biggest tourist attractions, making for an inexpensive way for visitors to tour the city. Day passes for the bus can be purchased from VIA Metropolitan Transit for the cost of a few fares, so anyone planning on making a few trips during the day should go ahead and purchase a day pass.

VIA Metropolitan Transit also runs a trolley service in downtown San Antonio. It travels around downtown only, and it stops at a number of tourist attractions. It is a fun way to see some of downtown, but it cannot get passengers to very many places in town.

Renting a car is not a great idea for most tourists in San Antonio. The city is not very friendly to drivers, especially downtown. The parking downtown is very hard to find, and the parking that is there is quite expensive. Anyone who is planning on spending most of their time downtown should forget a rental car. There are much better methods of transportation available downtown.

San Antonio is one of the most fantastic cities in the United States for tourists who love to walk. The majority of the tourist attractions are centered downtown in the Riverwalk area. The Riverwalk is only for pedestrians. It is absolutely beautiful, and it offers a host of attractions and things to see along its path. The temperature in San Antonio can get very hot during the summer. Tourists should be cautious with the heat. Always carry water, wear sunblock and head into an air-conditioned building if the heat gets to be too much.

San Antonio is a great town for cyclists. There are a number of bike rental shops in town. The city has also recently started a bike share program. Visitors can rent a bike from kiosks downtown and return the bike to any other kiosk. The city’s streets all have bike lanes, and there are also many bike paths for riders to enjoy.

Taxis are easy to find at the airport and downtown, but they will need to be called for in all other areas of the city. Taxis are a fairly expensive method of transportation in San Antonio.