San Diego Dining

San Diego DiningThe United States' eighth largest urban center, San Diego in California is found in the southwestern corner of the state. In that location, the city is close to Mexico, and it has a long and proud history of connections with that country. Additionally, the city's culture is influenced by United States military personnel from regional bases and by people who have moved in to the prosperous region from all over the world. Residents and city guests can sample the rich international flavors and cuisines, and food tours are superb for experiencing San Diego's food scene.

District Food Culture
However as the city has several districts, its diverse food culture is best understood from the individual districts rather than the entire metropolis. Here are some examples of districts and dining establishments:

Downtown - Besides the downtown business area with its many eateries, Gaslamp and Little Italy are two excellent neighborhoods in the downtown area in which to find restaurants. The historic Gaslamp Quarter is where downtown San Diego got its start, and it has numerous small eateries, small businesses, shopping and entertainment. In Gaslamp, Escape Fish Bar is a new and popular restaurant that offers wonderful seafood. Then, Little Italy is definitely the place to step into the Italian culture and culinary delights. In this quarter, Buon Appetito is a top local establishment with traditional Italian fare.

Mid-City - To the east from Balboa Park, Mid-City has theatres, trendy-chic boutique shops and locally owned restaurants were residents of the neighborhood love to go. Decorative neighborhood signs are landmarks of the area. Adam's Avenue Grill is a local favorite restaurant for breakfast and brunch. The lunchtime menu features freshly-baked pies. The authentic American cuisine is home-style.

Mission Beach - In this community, many small shops and restaurants are found. The beach scene is lively in Mission Beach with a Coney Island-type atmosphere, one of the most popular places to enjoy the sand and surf culture of Southern California. Taco Surf is one of the best places to eat in the area with heavenly tacos and burritos.

San Diego Dining
Anywhere in this large and beautiful city on the southern Pacific Coast with its nearly perfect weather, fantastic food is not hard to find. Locally owned places put heart and locally fresh ingredients into their dishes. Tried and true food favorites are available as well as amazing and unusual, but delicious flavors. Eating in San Diego is definitely a fabulous culinary adventure.