Family Fun near Downtown San Diego

San Diego Family FunSan Diego is a wonderful destination for a family trip. There are many family centered activities that are enjoyable to both adults and children in this city on the coast of California. The city is rich with historical relevance and family friendly attractions. These five attractions represent the best that San Diego has to offer for families.

San Diego Zoo
The San Diego Zoo is unique among zoos in that it features exhibits with several species of animals together in the same habitat much as they would cohabitate in the wild. Educational information at each exhibit describes the animals in great detail along with the native fauna that would be found in their home region. Visitors will be treated to the rare sight of giant pandas and can learn about their habits and diet in great detail. A large arctic exhibit gives families the opportunity to explore arctic wildlife in the sunny comfort of San Diego.

San Diego Bay
The San Diego bay is the perfect place for the family to take in a dose of history and do some shopping in the area’s unique shops. Several historic ships that have been turned into museums are anchored at the bay. Families can explore the nautical past of San Diego while floating in the bay waters. Tour boats are available for charter to those who wish to further explore the bay.

SeaWorld San Diego
This combination aquarium and amusement park is always a hit for the entire family. The main draw of SeaWorld San Diego is the killer whale show. The nine whales give intricate daily performances that delight audiences. A number of other animals can be viewed throughout the park such as polar bears, walruses, whales, penguins and dolphins. Various roller coasters offer visitors overhead views into the animal habitats.

Ruben H. Fleet Space Theatre and Science Museum
This is not a typical museum. The displays and exhibits are all meant to be totally hands on, a policy that is a delight to children. Children are encouraged to experience scientific phenomena first hand by interacting with displays and learning how everything works. An IMAX theater plays educational movies that help children learn about the world in a fun way.

This amusement park is about 30 minutes away from San Diego but remains one of the top family attractions in the area. It is a must visit destination for lovers of the colorful building blocks. Along with thrilling roller coasters, LEGOLAND has a water park. Lego stations are scattered around the park to allow visitors to take frequent Lego building breaks.