San Diego Transportation

San Diego TransportationCar
Most travelers will find that renting a car is the best way to get around the city. The city is very spread out, and there is a lot of distance between many of the most popular tourist attractions. Travelers can pick up a rental car when they arrive at the airport, or there are many rental car offices around the city as well. Most of the areas that tourists are in will have metered parking, so bring change to feed the meters to avoid parking tickets. Be aware that traffic can get very bad in San Diego. Allow extra time to get to destinations, especially when driving during rush hour.

The Metropolitan Transit System operates the bus network in San Diego. Buses are not a very good way to get around town. They are very slow and infrequent. Many times trips require visitors to take long rides into the center of the city where the Metropolitan Transit Hub is, and then they transfer to another bus to get to their destinations. This means it can take a couple hours to go by bus to a destination that someone could drive to in 30 minutes.

San Diego Trolley
This trolley service is mostly designed to ferry travelers from downtown San Diego to the Mexican border, but it does make a few stops in between. It is very useful for tourists who want to go to Mexico for the day. They can ride the trolley down to Mexico and still come back to stay in their downtown San Diego hotels at night. There is also another trolley line that runs east-west, but it is much more aimed at residents than tourists.

The weather in San Diego is pretty close to perfect all year, so walking is very pleasant. It really only makes sense for visitors who will be staying downtown or at the coast for the day. The city is just too spread out to make walking practical outside of these two areas.

Again, the gorgeous weather in San Diego makes riding a bike to get around very attractive. It is certainly a great way to get up and down the coast to explore the San Diego beach neighborhoods. It is also quite pleasant downtown, where there are bike lanes to make it comfortable for cyclists to share the busy roads with cars. Just be sure to always lock up bicycles securely when they are not in use. Bicycle theft is very common in the city, so it is better safe than sorry.