San Jose Attractions

San Jose AttractionsThe beautiful city of San Jose, California is the largest city in all of Northern California. San Jose is known for its beautiful scenery, legendary history, inviting landmarks and fine dining. As you read this article, you'll learn more about San Jose and what makes it so attractive.

San Jose is noted for its gorgeous scenery, so visiting Kelley Park is a must. This spacious, serene park extends over 150 acres and includes various historical components including: the Japanese Friendship Garden, the Portuguese Historical Museum and more. The Japanese Friendship Garden illuminates a tranquil vibe with an abundance of lush greenery, colorful plant life and more. This garden is also quite historical, serving as a representation of the close relationship between San Jose and Okayama. The garden also functions as a recreational area for family picnics and contains a playground, ideal for a family fun day. Kelley Park is also home to the Portuguese Historical Museum, which features a diverse display of exotic exhibits. With numerous areas to explore, Kelley Park certainly has something appealing to offer everyone.

Another historical San Jose attraction is the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library. This library was constructed relatively recently and opened in 2003. This public library is located in the heart of San Jose's downtown area and has a an expansive cultural collection of items. In honor of its namesake, the library includes a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Civil Rights Era collection. With such a plethora of essential, historical books and displays, this library is certainly an attractive landmark in San Jose.

San Jose is also loved for its intriguing culinary scene. This city has a diverse selection of restaurants and cuisine including: Ethiopian, Vietnamese, Thai, French and more. One of the most popular eateries in this city is undoubtedly Le Papillon. Le Papillon's menu provides an amazing blend of textures and flavors and features items such as: Burgundy snails with fennel panna cotta, hamachi tartar with avocado, salsify and duck soup, red deer with huckleberries, braised duck with pomegranate, pork tenderloin and a maple glaze, lamb with yogurt and more. The dessert menu showcases deliciously decadent items like: banana torte, white chocolate and passion fruit mousse, butterscotch pudding and more. There's no denying that this restaurant offers a wide array of exquisite dishes to choose from, sure to satisfy any palate.

Clearly, San Jose has several attractions, sure to please everyone. Whether you choose to explore the gardens, visit museums or enjoy a fine meal, you can be certain you'll have a memorable vacation.