San Jose Events

San Jose EventsMany believe that when the cherry trees of downtown San Jose bloom, spring officially begins. The Vietnamese citizens welcome all cultures of San Jose to join with them and enjoy the annual Vietnamese Spring Festival. The event commemorates the New Year, known as Tet. Every year, Vietnamese students from across the country participate in the parade, which features colorful costumes, traditional dance and a friendly dragon. The festivities continue with arts and crafts, native food, live cultural performances, martial arts demonstrations and family orientated activities.

The Hispanic culture celebrates Cinco de Mayo annually with a parade and various festivities held throughout the day. The free event begins with a parade along the downtown city streets and culminates in a gathering in the Guadalupe River Park. Hundreds of thousands arrive to commemorate the Mexican/American heritage of San Jose. Guests of all cultures listen to traditional live music, watch dance performances and indulge in the food provided by numerous vendors.

The tradition began in 1990, and since then, tens of thousands journey to city for the annual San Jose Jazz Festival. Every year during summer, approximately 100 artists arrive and perform on one of ten different stages set up throughout the downtown region. Music fans also come by the droves to hear blues, jazz and R&B along with Latin variations and other great sounds. Besides music, the event features a variety of foods, mural painting and the opportunity to attend music classes presented by experts in the field.

Occurring annually during the first week in July, the three day long Tahiti Fete attracts individuals of Polynesian descent from around the world. Though the main purpose of the event remains a traditional dance competition, the festival represents the largest and most comprehensive display of the Polynesian culture aside from festivities that take place on the islands. Guests have the opportunity of attending many different workshops that provide instruction for accessory and costume design, dance and language along with music and playing different types of traditional musical instruments.

Every Labor Day weekend from 1976 on, San Jose artisans hosted the Tapestry Arts Festival in hopes of heightening interest in the local fine arts programs. Hundreds of artists join forces to display their talent and crafts, which naturally includes handmade tapestries. Hundreds of thousands of interested visitors admire the handiwork while enjoying the music and other live performances. Food vendors offer beverages, snacks and meals. Various spots around the location provide youngsters with the chance to learn a craft. The event also has added attractions that may include a home and garden show, climbing wall and gliding simulator.