San Jose Weather

San Jose Weather The outskirts of the city of San Jose, California, used to be covered in fruit orchards that thrived under the region's 300-plus days of sunshine per year. The average high temperature of San Jose is a pleasant 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Because the city is surrounded by mountains on three sides, it's somewhat protected from clouds and doesn't receive nearly as much rainfall as nearby San Fransisco. The average rainfall for the San Jose area is just 14.4 inches per year. However, many different micro climates exist in this area. The downtown part of San Jose gets significantly less rainfall than the southern part of the city.

Like the rest of the Bay Area, San Jose enjoys a subtropical Mediterranean climate. Temperatures rarely dip below freezing, and the average low during the month of January is 42 degrees Fahrenheit with the average high temperature for that month being 59 degrees. Residents and visitors rarely have the need to wear heavy winter clothing for protection from the cold. However, the lowest recorded temperature in the region was 18 degrees Fahrenheit in January of 1884, which is certainly cold enough to warrant the wearing of cold weather gear. More recently, the mercury has dropped to as low as 19 degrees Fahrenheit during December of 1990. The highest recorded temperature in San Jose is 114 degrees Fahrenheit during a heat wave experienced by the city in June of 1961. Most of the time, though, visitors to the city can plan for pleasant weather no matter what time of year. Snowfall in San Jose is an extremely rare occurrence, with the last instance taking place in February of 1976.

Most of the rain in the San Jose area occurs in the months of November through April. During the winter, the normally brown vegetation on the surrounding hillsides turns lushly green and vibrant. Most of the vegetation is in the form of wild grasses; beyond commercial and ornamental plantings, deciduous trees and shrubs in the San Jose area are rare. San Jose receives measurable precipitation on an average of 58 days per year. The record rainfall for one day was set in late January of 1968 when it rained 3.6 inches within a 24-hour period. The rainiest month on record is February of 1998, when 10.23 inches of measurable rain fell in the area. Most San Jose residents and visitors don't use any special gear beyond light rain hats and an occasional umbrella, though, because rain just isn't that much of an issue in the city.