Seattle Dining

Seattle DiningAs the biggest city in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle, Washington certainly has a lot to offer. Seattle is known for legendary landmarks, a beautiful skyline and a diverse culinary scene. As you read this article, you'll learn more about some of the best restaurants in Seattle and what makes them so attractive.

One of the best eateries in Seattle is definitely Artusi. Artusi provides an eclectic pairing of Italian cuisine with a contemporary twist. Whe picturing Italian food, many simply envision a heaping plate of cheesy, buttery pasta. However, Arusi proves that Italian cuisine far exceeds this simplistic image. Artusi's menu features several appetizing options like: duck liver Pate, a salami plate paired with pickles, braised octopus, tripe stew with veal and cabbage, gorgonzola piccante, pork ribs with controne beans and more. Delicious dessert items include: hazelnut cake, pumpkin pudding with cacao nibs, mocha espresso and more. The atmosphere is quite inviting, showcasing a modern interior design that features many miniature, chromatic paintings artfully placed around the bar that wonderfully paired with the vibrant drinks and dishes.

A second Seattle restaurant that must be visited is Terra Plata. Terra Plata takes tremendous pride in what they refer to as their "earth to plate" motto. They receive all of their organic ingredients from local farmers and are fully dedicated to bringing these fresh items right to the table, even classifying their menu items into groups titled earth, land, sea and more. Some amazing menu items include: roasted carrots with citrus and cumin, lemon risotto with oysters and mushrooms, clams with chorizo and roasted red peppers, duck breast with oranges and olives and more. Terra Plata also has a generous list of uniquely named cocktails to choose from like: the Seattle rain drop with cardamom vodka, ginger and citrus, the Tennessee sweet with bourbon and chocolate bitters and more.

Wild Ginger is a third Seattle dining establishment that must be visited. Wild Ginger offers some of the best Asian cuisine in the state and also has several vegan options. The immense dinner menu features items like: Thai chicken satay with coconut and lime, squash and sweet potato salad, vegetable spring roll with pineapple sauce, papaya and peanut salad, cinnamon-sprinkled duck with plum sauce, pad thai, green curry and more. Wild Ginger also has a large collection of tea, beer, sake and cocktails to choose from.

Clearly, the Seattle dining scene is remarkably unique and provides a variety of exotic dishes to choose from. Whether you prefer Italian, French or Asian cuisine, Seattle will certainly satisfy any foodie.