Seattle Transportation

Seattle TransportationMetro Transit
The buses in Seattle are run by Metro Transit. This is an efficient bus service that will get passengers anywhere they need to go in Seattle. The drivers on Metro Transit buses do not carry change, so passengers need to pay with exact change. A free transfer can be obtained from the driver upon boarding. Be careful when boarding an express bus. They do not always follow the normal routes, so ask the driver if it will be stopping at your destination.

Sound Transit
This bus service will get passengers out to the suburbs surrounding Seattle. Sound Transit buses go to destinations that include Bothell, Everett, Tacoma, Bellevue and Redmond.

Link Light Rail
Passengers will enjoy this fast light rail line that runs between the Westlake Center in downtown and the Sea-Tac Airport. Passengers will need to buy a ticket at the station before they board a Link Light Rail car.

South Lake Union Street Car
This is a fun method to travel that is very popular with tourists in Seattle. The street car line runs between South Lake Union and downtown.

Seattle Center Monorail
The monorail is useful for visitors who wish to see the Space Needle up close. The monorail line runs from the Seattle Center, which is the home of the Space Needle, and downtown.

King County Water Taxi
Seattle has one of the best ferry services in the country. The King County Water Taxi gives passengers fast rides from downtown Seattle to West Seattle. The views from the ferry are absolutely gorgeous, looking out over the downtown skyline and the Olympia Mountains.

Driving in Seattle is fairly pleasant when compared to other big cities. Visitors should not be afraid to rent a car. There is ample parking throughout the city and the streets are easy to navigate. Rush hour traffic can get a little hectic, but it isn’t nearly as bad as other cites of its size. One thing to be aware of is that parking fines are quite hefty, so never let a meter expire when you park.

Walking in downtown Seattle is pleasant. There is a lot of interesting architecture to enjoy, and pedestrians can move between several tourist attractions fairly quickly downtown. The distances are too great to make walking very practical outside of downtown.

Seattle is a very bike-friendly community. The roads all have bike lanes, and there are several large bike trails that cross the city. Its reputation for rain is not exaggerated, so be sure to bring some raingear when bicycling in Seattle.