St. Louis Events

St. Louis EventsSt. Louis Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras is undoubtedly the hottest event of the year in St. Louis. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people travel to St. Louis to celebrate the parades and throwing of beads that has come to be known as Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras takes place in the Soulard Neighborhood. Experts estimate that over 500,000 people travel to St. Louis to enjoy Mardi Gras every year. Individuals should be sure to indulge in all of the pastries at local bakeries throughout St. Louis on Fat Tuesday. There are often a dozen places that will provide free paczkis to the public. Visitors should be aware that bars in downtown Soulard still close quite early on Mardi Gras. Promoters and the police force work to ensure that the event is a safe and enjoyable time for people of all ages.

Art Festivals
The St. Louis African Arts Festival is an event that every traveler should make some time to enjoy during a stay. The event is four days long, and it is hosted by the African Heritage Association of St. Louis. The event takes place in the World's Fair Pavilion at Forest Park. Visitors will enjoy viewing the paintings, sculptures and jewelry at the vendor outlets located throughout the park. Face painting is also something the kids will enjoy at the event. The St. Louis Arts Fair is another fabulous event to attend for its large draw of artists. The competition is one of the most competitive in the nation and draws 181 artists every year. Over 1,500 artists apply to be part of this juried art show. There are also street performers and fun activities for the family to enjoy at the art show, such as the chalk drawing competition.

Music Events
There is no better event to enjoy national blues artists than the Budweiser Big Muddy Blues Festival. At this festival, national blues musicians take the stage and perform all sorts of jazz and blues pieces. The performance takes place at the St. Louis Riverfront, and visitors can be assured that there is no shortage of Budweiser beer available for guests to enjoy.

Food Events
For travelers who enjoy wine, it is essential to attend the St. Louis Wine Festival. The St. Louis Wine Festival provides individuals with over 150 wines available for tasting. Every visitor with a ticket gets to take home a free wine glass and attend wine seminars. He or she will get to try 10 different wines with a ticket. Another popular food event to attend is the Saint Louis Strassenfest. This German festival features some of the best German food that one has ever tasted in his or her life. The festival wouldn't be complete without traditional German music.