St. Louis Transportation

St Louis TransportationAirports
The major airport in St. Louis is the St. Louis International Airport. Other smaller airports that can be found in the area are the Spirit of St. Louis Airport and St. Louis Downtown Airport. The St. Louis International Airport currently services 14 airlines. These airlines include popular options like AirTran, American Airlines, Delta, Southwest and US Airways. The airport is known for providing a smooth travel experience for visitors. It is not necessary to arrive at one's flight hours in advance of one's flight due to the ease of travel at this airport.

Public Transportation
St. Louis provides an excellent public transportation service that visitors can enjoy at a low cost. The public transportation system is known for being very reliable and on time. The system is made up of a light rail and bus service. The MetroLink light rail provides transportation for visitors throughout over 48 miles in Missouri to Illinois. There are a total of 37 station stops between this distance. During the day, visitors can expect a train to stop at a station at approximately every seven minutes. During peak times, the wait may extend to 15 minutes. The MetroBus system provides service to all of the popular attractions throughout St. Louis and residential areas.

Taxi Services
There are many taxi cab companies with taxi services throughout St. Louis. For visitors who are new to the area, it is easy to find a taxi stand inside of a hotel and to request a taxi from that location. The concierges at most hotels are very friendly and willing to help a stranded traveler who needs a taxi cab. The popular taxi companies in the area include Go Best Transportation and Laclede Cab Company. There are airport shuttle services available to and from the airport too. Visitors can save money by traveling in an airport shuttle with other travelers.

Amtrak Station
At the St. Louis Gateway Transportation Center, travelers can find an Amtrak bus system and light rail system. Travelers should be sure to buy their tickets in advance and to double-check the times of service for the Amtrak Station. It is not unusual for the light rail to be falling behind schedule. Guests who are on a tight schedule should avoid using the Amtrak station for traveling, unless it is absolutely necessary to do so.

Disabled Travelers
Disabled travelers in the St. Louis area can receive travel assistance by contacting the Office of the Disabled. The Office will locate a transportation service for a person who has a disability of any kind.