Toronto Dining

Toronto DIningDowntown Restaurants
In Toronto, there is an endless selection of Thai, Italian, Vietnamese and American restaurants. The restaurant scene can be described as eclectic in downtown Toronto. For excellent Italian restaurants, visitors will want to try Trattoria Giancarlo, Tutti Matti, Buca and Terroni. A selection of French restaurants can also be found in the downtown area, including Biff's Bistro & Wine Bar, Delux and Globe Bistro.

Gourmet Dining
For those who enjoy dining at fine restaurants, Toronto also has a wide range of gourmet restaurants to offer. These include restaurants like Rodney's Oyster House and Auberge du Pommier, which are some of he most popular seafood restaurants in Toronto. Canoe Restaurant & Bar is one of the top European restaurants in the Entertainment District of Toronto. For an excellent sushi restaurant, visitors should check out Le Cafe Michi. There are also plenty of exquisite steakhouses to be found in Toronto. These include The Keg Steakhouse & Bar, La Castile Steak House, Barberian's Steak House and Harbour Sixty Steak House.

Hotel Restaurants
Hotel restaurants in Toronto can make for a welcome departure to typical dining. Most hotels in downtown Toronto feature a warm ambience, bar area and sometimes live music. Locals enjoy visiting the hotel restaurants for their excellent dishes and hip atmosphere. The Azure Restaurant and Bar is one popular selection for its stained glass and dark wood furniture. Senses Restaurant and Bar is the place to go for a smart martini and a chocolate dessert. The bonbons and cakes at Senses are incredible. Located in the Four Seasons Hotel, Studio Cafe offers an eclectic menu in an artsy environment. At the Windsor Arms Hotel, the Prime Steakhouse is a very popular selection.

Bars in Toronto
For a fun experience out in Toronto, visitors should check out the SPiN bar. The bar offers fast food and drinks, as well as an endless assortment of fun activities to enjoy. SPiN is actually more like a social club, and it offers private rooms, ping pong and a menu with a wide selection of drinks. The Dakota Tavern is a great place to visit for a frosty mug of beer. The tavern is decorated with antlers and other wildlife. The stools are made out of wooden barrels, and this just adds to the Old Western charm of the bar. For those who enjoy watching sports, the best place to go is the Real Sports Bar. There is also an extensive wine list available at the Real Sports Bar, offering visitors an alternative to the usual selection of beers offered by sports bars.