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Toronto EventsScotiabank Nuit Blanche
If you've never ziplined across a major city square, you've clearly never been to Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, one of Toronto's more exciting art festivals. Originally conceived as a simple showcase for modern art, it has since grown into a dusk-til-dawn celebration where hundreds of independent artists create everything from giant ice sculptures to graffiti portraits. The streets themselves are turned into a creative enterprise, with food, paint and good cheer flowing freely. The fun only ends when the sun rises!

Held every year in January, Winterlicious is Toronto's two-week dedication to fine dining and everything that tastes good. Chefs all around the city fire up their grills for special culinary events and samplings, and for the price of a single ticket, or "prix fixe," you can enjoy exclusive discounts at more than a hundred restaurants throughout Toronto. If you're a fan of new tastes and experiences, this is one event you won't want to miss. Just be sure to save some room for dessert!

Luminato, also known as Toronto's Festival of Arts and Creativity, is a celebration of art, music, dance, fashion and theater. It attracts more than a million artists and musicians each year and that number is only expected to climb as the event grows larger and more daring. You may be asking yourself, "It already boasts everything from laser light shows to full ballet productions, so what could possibly be next?" Well, only time will tell, but since it's more than 80% free and open to the public, there's no reason you can't check it out for yourself.

Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival
Costumes and parades are only the beginning of the Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival. Hailed as the largest street festival in America, it's a celebration of Caribbean culture that can be enjoyed by anyone with a feathered headdress and a spirit for revelry. There's music, movies, dancing and fĂȘtes; restaurants throw open their doors with drinks and tropical dishes; live bands line the streets to give the marchers a steady beat. To experience a festival that's truly unlike any other, drop by Toronto in the summer for the <I>Caribana</i>.

Toronto International Film Festival
One of the biggest events in the 'biz, the Toronto International Film Festival is an annual "who's who" of Hollywood and beyond. It welcomes more than 300,000 attendees each year from over 50 countries! It's also the noted starting point for any serious director on an Oscar campaign. For popularity, prestige and prominence, this is one event in Toronto that you definitely have to put on your bucket list.