Shopping near Downtown Toronto

Toronto ShoppingMalls
Toronto has plenty of shopping opportunities to offer visitors. The major malls that can be found in the city are Fairview Mall, Scarborough Town Center, Sherway Gardens, Toronto Eaton Centre and Yorkdale Shopping Centre. For the largest mall in downtown Toronto, Eaton Mall is the place to visit. This mall offers a mix of locally owned retail stores and popular chain stores. Technology stores like Apple can also be found in the mall. The mall has plenty of shoe stores, including Nike, Adidas, Nine West, Aldo and Sketchers. There is also a wide range of restaurants that can be found in the food court of the Eaton Mall. For high end stores like BCBG and Michael Kors, Sherway Gardens is the best mall to visit.

Vintage Stores
Toronto is renowned for its vintage stores that offer everything from antique furniture to designer apparel at drastically reduced prices. Cabaret is the best place to go for a cocktail dress on sale. 69 Vintage Collective gathers clothing from different eras and places it throughout the store for shoppers. Courage My Love is one of the most popular vintage stores in Toronto, and it has also been opened the longest out of any vintage store in the city. Courage My Love offers jewelry, accessories and a men's vintage section. I Miss You is the place to go for a gently used Chanel handbag or a pair of Yves Saint Laurent heels. House of Vintage is another place where fashionistas can find designer shoes and accessories at very low prices.

For those who love shopping at designer factory stores, there are plenty to be found in Toronto. The Dixie Outlet Mall, Heartland Town Centre, Pacific Mall and Vaughan Malls are just a few of the outlet malls to be discovered. The Dixie Outlet Mall regularly features semi-annual sales with great bargains on apparel. Stores like GUESS and the Levi's Outlet can be found at the Dixie Outlet Mall. A fascinating place to visit is the Pacific Mall. The Pacific Mall only features Asian boutiques all contained within one large building. There are all sorts of Asian-inspired dresses, jewelry and foods that can be purchased at the Pacific Mall. The Vaughan Malls features a wide range of high-end designer outlets that offer discounts on clothing. The Oakley Vault is one of the more popular stores at the Vaughan Malls, because it sells original Oakley sunglasses at highly reduced prices. Winners is another popular store that offers reduced-price clothing and has a wide choice of accessories, home goods and shoes.