Toronto Transportation

Toronto TransportationAs the largest city in Canada, Toronto boasts the best public transit system in the country. The Toronto Transit Commission operates an extensive network of bus, rapid transit and light rail services throughout the city. The Toronto Subway and RT system consists of 4 lines that circulate all major parts of Toronto.

The Yonge University Spadina Line is the busiest and most historic subway route in Toronto. With a yellow color code, the Yonge University Spadina Line serves more than 30 stations along its U shaped loop throughout Toronto. This TTC subway line runs between Downsview Station and Finch Station. The Bloor-Danforth subway line runs through the eastern and western parts of Toronto. With a green color code, this TTC subway line operates between Kipling and Kennedy and also serves more than 30 stations.

The Scarborough RT line is essentially an extension of the Bloor-Danforth route. The blue color coded Scarborough RT service operates between Kennedy Station and McCowan Road. With a purple color code, the Sheppard Line is another short route that runs between Sheppard-Yonge Station and Don Mills Station.

The TTC also operates more than 10 total streetcar routes that offer express service throughout Toronto. The light rail network consists of routes that are named after major streets in Toronto. For example, the TTC streetcar lines include the 501 Queen, 502 Downtowner and 505 Dundas routes. Each of these busy light rail lines makes more than a dozen stops throughout Toronto.

Last not but least, The Toronto Transit Commission operates more than 200 total bus routes throughout Toronto. There are bus stops on nearly every block in Downtown Toronto so making transfers to other buses and the subway or streetcar system is easy.

Union Station is the main rail hub in Toronto. This major train station is served by commuter and intercity rail services from local and national companies. Several Via Rail routes offer service to major cities within the province of Ontario and other neighboring provinces. GO Transit offers commuter service between Toronto and major Ontario cities and towns such as Oshawa, Hamilton, Richmond Hill and Markham. The Amtrak Maple Leaf line connects Toronto with major cities in New York state including Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse and New York City.

As the busiest airport in Canada, The Toronto Pearson International Airport offers convenient direct flights to more than 100 total destinations. This airport also serves as the main hub for Air Canada, the official flag carrier for Canada. Toronto Pearson International Airport is also directly linked to major cities in Canada including Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver.