About Vancouver

About VancouverVancouver is a Canadian seaside city located in British Columbia. Its thriving population makes it the eight largest city in the country, while its metropolitan area is the most populated in all of western Canada. The city served as the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics and often is used by television and film directors looking for a less expensive shooting location than Hollywood.

While Vancouver has a history that dates back thousands of years with the aboriginal peoples who first settled there, this is also a thoroughly modern city with many examples of architecture from the past century. One example is the Vancouver Art Gallery, which has over 10,000 pieces of artwork and began its life as a courthouse when it was built in 1906. One of the older buildings in the downtown area is the Christ Church Cathedral, which has a Gothic design and has been standing for more than a century.

Vancouver is a major center for arts and culture. One of its big events every year in September is the Vancouver International Film Festival, which is one of the biggest film fests in the continent. In the field of visual arts, Vancouver is associated with photoconceptualism, a brand of photography that has been developed and adopted by many Vancouver artists, including Ken Lum and Stan Douglas.

The city has a great deal to offer those who enjoy music. The Vancouver Opera and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra both have a great deal to offer to individuals who enjoy more traditional classical music, while the city also boasts many clubs and other avenues where musicians of different styles regularly play. Popular Vancouver-based musicians include the indie band Tegan and Sara and pop singers Bryan Adams and Sarah McLachlan.

Vancouver is also home to many athletic opportunities, and even more open up for those willing to venture into the nearby countryside. In addition to popular sports like football, basketball and cycling, the city has a strong connection to ultimate Frisbee, a sport that has grown especially popular since its invention several years ago. The mild temperatures allow for a rich variety of sports, including many water sports that are done along the coastline, which has a number of tourist-friendly beaches. In addition to activities like water-skiing and swimming, these areas offer ample fishing. Meanwhile, just outside the city are mountains suitable for hiking and skiing.

No matter where your area of interest lies, you will be able to find ways to entertain yourself in Vancouver. If you are planning a trip to western Canada, you won't want to miss it.