Vancouver Attractions

Vancouver AttractionsLocated in the very corner of scenic province of British Columbia in Canada, Vancouver is a contemporary sea port town. In an area admired and utilized for its natural beauty and resources, the vast city has tourism as its second most prominent industry after the logging industry. Visitors coming in to the city on business or pleasure can enjoy the many attractions offered in Vancouver.

The city lies between the Pacific Ocean coastline and the Coast Mountain Range. These mountains provide many opportunities for outdoor sports. A close mountain for skiing and other winter sports that is frequented by Vancouver residents is Grouse Mountain, only about a 15-minute drive from the heart of the city. During the summer visitors to the mountain can ride the zip line or go hiking enjoying the views.

Vancouver is also a place to explore local history, art and more by browsing museums, libraries and historical buildings. For example, the historic Provincial Courthouse is not the Vancouver Art Gallery. Another gallery is dedicated to contemporary art. In Library Square is the Public Library for the city, and the library also has over 20 branches all about the region. On the campus of the University of British Columbia is a fascinating venue, the Museum of Anthropology. One of its exhibits features masks from different cultures worldwide.

Visitors and residents to Vancouver can spend their evenings attending performing arts programs and popular music concerts. The city has theatre companies large and small. In September is held an annual film festival. When it comes to music, classical concert halls and contemporary venues where folk and pop music concerts are quickly filled.

Then, people in the city can also spend the evening around their favorite sports or sporting events. Besides the many personal and outdoor sports, Vancouver has teams for numerous spectator sports. The general public can attend games for hockey, baseball, soccer and several other sports. However, hockey is by far the most popular sport.

The city has several parks and gardens open to the public. The most well-known of the parklands is Stanley Park where the visitors will find the Vancouver Aquarium as well as the Seawall and the Native American totem poles. The park is the place for activities like cycling, walking and sightseeing. Visitors to this urban center should get out and explore the region and see the sights, enjoy the local cultural diversity and spend some time in Vancouver's great outdoors.