Family Fun near Downtown Vancouver

Vancouver Family FunIf you are planning a family fun-filled vacation, Vancouver should be your destination. Vancouver is a world-class city located on the mainland of British Columbia, Canada. Your family can enjoy all the adventures nature has to offer in Vancouver, as well as action-packed activities in this beautiful city. Vancouver has festivities every member of the family can enjoy.

The activities to take advantage of vary by the season of your trip. Those beach lovers should travel during the summer months (July through August). If you and your family want to hit the ski slopes, it is best to travel during December and January; temperatures are cold and the snow is plenty. Regardless of which time of year you vacation, Vancouver always has fun-filled activities for your family to enjoy.

Take a trolley in Vancouver to get fresh air and an entertaining overview of the city. The trolley will guide you through Stanley Park, Chinatown, Gastown and other picture-worthy landmarks. Schedule a tour to the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden, a serene oasis that your family can stroll through and admire the beautiful landscape, stunning architecture and peaceful atmosphere. If you want to take your family on an outdoor adventure, schedule a hike across the Capilano Suspension Bridge, where you walk over a cedar-scented rainforest and the Capilano River. There are over seven bridges you can hike across that each take you 100 feet above the forest floor. After all of those fun-filled adventures, you can enjoy dinner at one of the many popular Vancouver restaurants, including Da Pasta Bar and Mr. Pickwicks’s Fish & Chips.

Vancouver has well-known festivals and concerts that your family can enjoy. Those families visiting the city during the month of May can enjoy the Vancouver International Children’s Festival. This festival boasts its celebration of arts, puppetry, circus acts, theater and music. The Festival du Bois is held each March, where performances are held and historic displays and tours are given. Festival Vancouver is held each August, and offers a variety of music for the family to enjoy.

Knowing what items to pack for your family vacation to Vancouver is essential. Since Vancouver is surrounded by mountains and water, you will need to pack according to the seasons. The spring and summer months (April through September) are typically warm, while the fall and winter months can be cool and wet. If you are traveling to Vancouver during October and March, you should pack an umbrella, rain-boots and some type of raincoat to keep yourself dry. Pack some sweaters, scarves, pants, boots, socks, heavy coats and gloves to keep warm in those cool temperatures. During the spring and summer months, you should pack shorts, linen pants or skirts, short-sleeved shirts, dresses and sandals for the warm weather. Those spring and summer nights can get cool, so bring a jacket or long-sleeve shirt to keep warm if you are going to be exploring the scenery at night.

Vancouver offers your family the fun-filled vacation of a lifetime; all you have to do is take it!