Shopping near Downtown Vancouver

Vancouver ShoppingA trip to Vancouver is certainly exciting and will likely be remembered for years to come. Of course, in order to fully embrace the experience, you'll want to take some souvenirs home with you. When shopping in Vancouver, you'll never be at a loss for shops to peruse and aisles to browse.

The Districts
Planning a shopping trip in Vancouver involves having some knowledge of the different districts and what they have to offer. For example, Burnaby is known for its fashion and beauty shops, and Commercial Drive has plenty of Italian flair for you to stock up on. Book shops dot the streets of Davie Village, Kerrisdale provides a visually appealing experience with its gorgeous buildings and Main Street brings together all different types of stores.

Going to the Mall
Walking down the street from shop to shop is plenty of fun, but on colder days, many people do prefer the mall. Finding a mall in or around Vancouver is a fairly easy task. One to check out is Pacific Centre, and it has over 140 different stores, so you're certain to find something that you like. Also located in Vancouver are Oakridge Centre and City Square, with plenty of shopping opportunities as well. When you want to go to a mall that is bountiful on the inside and beautiful on the outside, be sure to choose the Sinclair Centre.

The Types of Stores
The different types of shops you will find in Vancouver are really wide and varied. Depending upon the district you're in, you could find plenty of wines to take home or coffees to sip to warm you up a bit before heading back outdoors. Sears is also quite popular in Vancouver to serve all of your needs. Other places you'll find include Anthropologie, Front & Company, Hill's of Kerrisdale, Brooklyn Clothing and Twigg & Hottie. No matter what your style, something exists for you to try.

Making a Day Out of It
Shopping might be your entire day, or it may only be part of the grand expedition. Certainly, you'll want to stop to have a bite to eat while you're in between stores. If you're downtown, check out Le Crocodile Restaurant, or, if you're near Barclay Heritage Square, stop in to see what Raincity Grill and The Boathouse Restaurant are cooking today.

Clearly, Vancouver is quite large, and it has many different shopping districts. No matter what part of this city you're planning to visit today, you are certain to find little shops and big department stores that suit your needs.