Vancouver Weather

Vancouver WeatherVancouver, Canada, is infamous for being damp and rainy for most of the year. Luckily, the weather in Vancouver is never extreme, but instead stays mild year-round. This is an interesting contrast, because while Vancouver has terrible weather, it has a truly nice climate. The coldest Vancouver gets is in the mid 40s while it doesn’t usually get hotter than the high 70s. However, the weather can get below freezing from time to time in Vancouver. Also, ski enthusiasts will be happy to know that they don't have to travel far to hit the slopes.

Autumn and Wintertime in Vancouver
Autumn is the least rainy time of the year in Vancouver. Temperatures are in the 40 degree range. September, October and November are the best times of the year to visit Vancouver because the weather is nice, there isn’t much rain and both airfare and hotel rates are at their lowest.

During the winter in Vancouver, there isn’t much snow, although the temperature is still pretty wet. The area gets a lot of precipitations, mainly rain and slush, around this time of the year. When it rains and the temperature drops below freezing, the roads can get what’s called “flash freezing,” which causes dangerous road conditions. Whistler, which is nearby to Vancouver, does get snow and many people travel to Whistler for skiing.

Spring and Summer Weather in Vancouver
In Vancouver, Springtime comes as early as February. This is when you’ll notice flowers starting to bloom and temperatures starting to rise. Rain is normal this time of year and travelers should be prepared with an umbrella and rain-resistant clothing.

Vancouver during the summertime is nice, especially compared to Toronto and Montreal, which are both much more humid than Vancouver in the summer. During the day, temperatures are around the high 70s. The evenings, though, are much cooler and tourists are told to pack a sweater for summer evenings.

Weather Ranges by Month
Sometimes travelers want to know exactly what to expect during the month they’ll be visiting Vancouver. Here are temperature ranges broken down by month:

• January: 32 to 43 degrees
• February: 34 to 46 degrees
• March: 41 to 55 degrees
• April: 41 to 55 degrees, same as March
• May: 46 to 61 degrees
• June: 52 to 66 degrees
• July: 55 to 72 degrees
• August: 55 to 72 degrees, same as July
• September: 50 to 64 degrees
• October: 43 to 57 degrees
• November: 37 to 48 degrees
• October: 34 to 43 degrees