Vancouver Transportation

Vancouver TransportationBus Services
Vancouver does not provide a public busing system, but there is a private service available. The Coast Mountain Bus Company is a popular private bus company that operates throughout West Vancouver and Lions Bay. Travelers should check the bus company's website to check for information about stops and schedules. Downtown Vancouver is served by a trolleybus fleet. RapidBus is a diesel commuter bus system that can be found in residential areas of Vancouver. The RapidBus system only makes two or three trips a day in areas like Maple Ridge and Langley.

Streetcar Transportation
The city is currently in the midst of constructing a streetcar system for downtown Vancouver. The city offered an exhibition of the plan at the 2010 Winter Olympics. The streetcars were placed on the Downtown Historic Railway. There are plans to extend the streetcar network to Yaletown.

The SkyTrain is one of the most advanced metro systems in the world. There are trains that operate on three lines in the SkyTrain system. The SkyTrain links the main suburbs of Vancouver. One of the three transit lines connects the Vancouver International Airport and city of Richmond. The other two transit lines that visitors can take are the Expo and Millenium Lines.

There are two bays that provide ferry service in Vancouver. Travelers can find ferries at the Horseshow Bay or the Tsawwassen Bay. Travelers can go to three islands from the ferry systems, which are the Sunshine Coast, Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island. There are also mini ferries that visitors can purchase tickets from at an additional cost. These mini ferries are operated by private companies. The False Creek Ferries company and Aquabus provide mini ferries for travelers. There is also a daily water taxi service available at the English Bay.

It is very easy for travelers to find taxi cab service in Vancouver. There are several companies that provide service at all hours of the day. These companies include Black Top Cabs, Vancouver Taxi and Yellow Cabs. There are a total of 477 cab companies with service in the Vancouver area.

The main airport in Vancouver is the Vancouver International Airport. The airport has ranked as one of the busiest airports in the world, and visitors should arrive at the airport for their flights in advance. The lines in the security area can be very long. The airport provides service from airlines like Air Canada, American Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airlines. There are also international flights available at the airport to destinations like Japan and the United States.