About Washington DC

About Washington DCWashington, D.C. is rich with culture and history, making it a sought-after destination for people of all ages, including families. Visiting D.C. takes some planning, since it can be a hectic city, especially during the times of the year when there are a ton of tourists flocking to the area.

Planning ahead is key - some attractions require reservations to be made well ahead of time. Other events require group reservations, which can make it difficult to see what you want to see if you wait until the last minute.

Washington, D.C. Airports
If you're flying into D.C., you'll want to book a flight to one of the three local airports:
1. Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
2. Washington Dulles International Airport
3. Baltime/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport

Touring the White House
One of the first things on most people's list when they visit D.C. is touring the White House. These tours have to be set up in advance by your local member of Congress. Tours can only be arranged for a group of ten people or more; if you're traveling with less than ten people, you can join in on another tour.

The Capitol and Congress
If you want to tour the Capitol or see Congress in session, public tours are available Monday through Saturday. While the tours are free, you still have to get tickets. It's always advised to reserve your tour online as far in advance as possible. There are just a limited number of same-day tickets available.

Booking a Hotel
D.C. has hotels and lodging available to suit any budget. If you're hoping to get a hotel room for cheap, try to visit D.C. when it's not a popular tourist time. If there's a special event going on in town, hotel rates will be higher than normal. You can also choose your hotel based on how close it is to the attractions you're most interested in. If you stay nearby, you can walk to your destination and forgo public transportation.

Driving and Public Transportation
Driving around D.C. can be confusing and overwhelming for people who aren't used to the city or driving in an urban area. To avoid this trouble, as well as the hassle of finding a parking spot, opt for public transportation. The DC Circulator, Metrobus and Metrorail are all available travel options. You can also hail a taxi cab to get you around town.